The Adventure of Isiah and the Lost Seed

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Part 1

Once upon a time, in a beautiful village in Ethiopia, there lived a little boy named Isiah. Isiah loved to play in the fields near his home, exploring the wonders of nature. One day, while playing, he found a small, shiny seed on the ground.

Part 2

Isiah was curious about the seed and decided to plant it. He found a perfect spot near his home and carefully placed the seed in the ground, covering it with soil. Every day, he watered it and waited eagerly for it to grow.

Part 3

Days passed, but nothing grew from the spot where Isiah planted the seed. He started to feel disappointed. His mother noticed and told him, "Patience, Isiah. Just like the sun takes time to rise, some things take time to grow."

Part 4

Isiah listened to his mother and continued to take care of the spot. Then, one morning, he saw a tiny green sprout peeking out from the soil. He was overjoyed! His patience had paid off, and his plant was finally growing.

Part 5

As the plant grew, so did Isiah's understanding of patience and care. He learned that good things come to those who wait and take care of what they love. The plant blossomed into a beautiful flower, admired by everyone in the village.